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How Does Automation Impact your Workflow?

Done the right way, automation can vastly improve your workflow and mitigate risk, making it an ideal addition to any organization.

From vastly improved data entry speed to standardized documentation and easy integration of applications, automation can have a huge impact on the way your business processes workflow. Done correctly, automation and AI can speed up your workflow by ensuring that the information you have to work with is accurate and available to everyone who needs it. Automated tracking of changes and work ensures that everyone on the project can see status and needs at a glance and that managers can make real time changes to improve workflow if needed.

Workflow Automation

At {company}, we know that the benefits of automation are only part of the story; our clients use automation to not only handle routine tasks but to spot and flag irregularities and concerns so that a human operator can take action. Automation can help you be more secure by identifying problem orders, eliminating errors and even recognizing problem behaviors early and taking steps to mitigate risk. At {company}, we recommend automation and AI for a variety of reasons, detailed below:

Simplified Data Entry and Tasks

Automation and AI excel at mundane, repetitive tasks like data entry and processing. Where a human operator can quickly become bored, burnt out, distracted or overwhelmed, automated procedures keep right on going. The 1,000th entry is as fresh and accurate as the first. Automation can also simplify these critical tasks and integrate data into your existing systems without additional prompting or steps. The right automation process can also identify those entries that are questionable in some way or that need to be reviewed by a live operator.

When you use automation for data entry and related tasks, you can swiftly input even large groups of data or information without concerns about fatigue and with a timeline expressed in minutes or hours, not weeks. You’ll also be able to accept and process customer information around the clock, not just during business hours.

Automated technology can also be set up to detect fraudulent or questionable entries from your online forms or site. By recognizing and flagging problems with anything from incorrect or fake addresses to eliminating duplicates or flagging them for review, your AI programs can help cut your losses when it comes to e-commerce fraud.

For those in finance or insurance, both claims processing and new accounts processing are drastically enhanced with automation; robots can be set to accept and set up claims and then service accounts, alerting an individual employee when help is needed.

Automation can have a significant impact on your overall workflow simply by taking on those tasks that don’t require a lot of human interaction or intuitive decision making. This can free up your team to focus on other, more important tasks.

Enhanced Ability to Share & Track Changes

Automation can also make it easier for your team to collaborate. When an automated system takes in data or order, it can make sure everything needed is included, then alert the right team member to process the order. By inputting data with automated processes, your human team is freed up to actually work on a project, instead of tediously tracking down details and paperwork.

As with any cloud based, paperless system, information input via automated system is available instantly to all team members, whether they are in the same room or in different parts of the country. Being able to access the entire project whenever they need to improve collaboration and scheduling, while automated tracking of changes improves work flow and communication. Team members have the option to complete a task with the confidence that all changes are being tracked and saved or they can choose to push the project through to the next person, moving it along and speeding things up.

For managers, automation ensures that there is not a backup at the entry point and that the entire workflow process can be seen from a bird’s eye perspective. Automated reporting can ensure that the management team always knows not only where projects are but where things are hanging up or getting stuck, making it easier to make real time corrections or adjustments as needed to improve workflow.

Improved Accuracy

Human listeners can misinterpret the spoken word or even mishear numbers and names when data is inputted in person or from the phone. Robots don’t make these kinds of mistakes. Even with written paperwork, it can be tough to tell an “I” from an “l” or mistake a poorly written 7 or a 4. Automated systems allow data to come right from the setup point; if the client or customer inputs data into a computer-generated form, that data is always entered correctly. The improved accuracy of both data input and processing helps eliminate errors – and makes sure your customer that ordered 2 items doesn’t receive 22 or 222 of the same thing.

Seamless Integration Between Departments and Applications

Can your sales team access your customer history data to better serve their needs – even while your support staff is processing an order? Can you view caller history when someone calls you, even if you are not at a particular workstation? Automation standardizes data in many ways and makes it easier for you to switch from one application to the next or even between departments. Automation can easily integrate with your legacy systems and even allow you to add functionality or additional services as needed.

From the time savings to the ability to free up your human workforce and even the confidence you get from knowing you are working with accurate data, automation can help. Learn more about what automation and AI can do for your unique business – contact {company} at {email} or {phone} to find out how easy it is to speed up your workflow and revolutionize your business with the power of automation and machine learning.

Tim Haner

Tim Haner

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