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How to Guarantee Your Business Avoids IT Security Incidents in 2016

No organization is exempt from targeted attacks or IT security incidents – small businesses, large corporations, healthcare practices, vet clinics, retail stores, and the list goes on. According to a survey from Spiceworks, 80% of organizations experienced an IT security incident in 2015. But what’s really worth noting is that 71% of IT professionals expect their organizations to be more secure in 2016.

Security Threats

Now more than ever, IT professionals are examining their processes and striving for more extensive and reliable solutions. Most business owners are dedicated to improving not only their security solutions, but also employee training.

That’s so important because many crippling issues could be prevented if employees only had more extensive knowledge of the threats they face. For example – a simple link click in an infected Email could greatly compromise data and, as a result, an entire business’s reputation. With better training and awareness of current threats, employees are able to make smarter decisions and avoid disaster.

The Threats

  • 51% of IT professionals reported malware attacks this year.
  • 38% reported phishing scams, and 34% were victims of spyware
  • 20% experienced a ransomware incident, but 53% say they’re concerned about the threat of ransomware in 2016.

What’s also interesting is the hackers or groups responsible for these attacks. As many as 36% of those surveyed said they’re worried about rogue employees doing damage. That’s why companies need to invest in technology such as remote wipe capabilities, allowing any sensitive business data to be easily removed from employees’ devices after their termination or exit from a business.

What’s Next?

The key is innovation and education. Employees need to stay focused on keeping their staff educated and aware of what’s out there. It’s also crucial to continue striving for the most effective security solutions – including mobile device management, as employees continue to bring their personal devices into work.

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Tim Haner

Tim Haner

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