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No More Spam: Marketing Tips To Improve Email Open Rates

Crafting the perfect email isn’t enough to avoid the spam folder; you need to use these five tactics if you want to increase inbox open rates.

You’ve researched your audience. You’ve crafted the perfect email. You’re about ready to hit send, but then you pause and begin to second guess yourself. Will your email end up in the spam folder, or will your recipients open your email and take action? Put your worries aside and use these five tips to create a personalized, targeted message that will help you to avoid the spam folder, while simultaneously delivering the market response that you desire.

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5 Tactics To Improve Email Open Rates

  1. Create A Customer Focused Email. — Take a look at your “perfectly crafted” email. Does it focus on the customer or spend too much time touting the benefits of your company’s services or products? Your customers are far more likely to respond to solutions that clearly address their specific needs. Before you even think of hitting send, make sure that you have completed all of the research needed to understand your intended recipients, as well as the industry that they work in.
  2. Don’t sound like a robot. — Your email shouldn’t sound like a well-rehearsed sales pitch. Use natural wording that shows the recipient that you are interested in building a business relationship and not trying to simply sell them something. Natural wording will also help your email pass any spam filters that your recipient might have set-up on his or her email account.
  3. Lead with the conclusion, not the introduction. — An article can start with an introduction, an email is more likely to be quickly skimmed and should thus begin with the conclusion. What do you want your customer to do? Write down this answer. Next, craft a sentence that tells the recipient a) you know their pain point, b) you have the solution to the pain point, and c) the action needed to implement the aforementioned solution.
  4. The shorter, the better. — On average a person will receive over 100 emails per day. No one has time to read over 100 wordy emails each day. Keep your emails short if you want to improve your open ratings. Over time, your prospective, future, and current customers will realize that your emails are brief and pertinent, which means that they will be more likely to open them on a regular basis.
  5. Spend the most time creating the subject line. — The subject line is arguably the most important component of an email. It is the headline, meta description, and catch phrase all rolled into one. Without a good subject line your recipients will never open the email. To create a good subject line you will need to conduct audience research with a focus on the psychological factors that will encourage a recipient to open the email.

Through these five simple tactics you can and will avoid the spam folder, while simultaneously improving your email open ratings. For additional marketing tips, contact {company} located in {city} via {email} or {phone}.

Tim Haner

Tim Haner

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