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Organizational Structure: The True IT Problem That Needs To Be Solved

IT departments need to become business consultants if they are to overcome many of the typical challenges faced by organizations in a technology driven world.

Across the globe, IT departments are working diligently to increase their organization’s cyber security protocols, defenses, and infrastructure, all the while resolving everyday workday technology challenges. However, one of the biggest challenges facing IT departments today is not of the software origin. Instead, the largest IT issue that needs to be resolved focuses on the ways that technology is used or misused with an organization.

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Technology Needs To Be Leveraged Properly Across Organizations
It is no secret that every member of an organization, regardless of their title or job description, uses technology in some capacity to complete their job. Whether it is logging into a network to track billable hours or leveraging the power of an inventory management tool, technology is used to help business innovate and succeed. In this vein, organizations need to understand that IT departments should not simply be “the go-to people when IT tools stop working,” but rather, the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that can serve as internal consultants for choosing the optimal IT solutions for an organization.

For example, if the marketing team wants to explore a new email marketing system, then they should consult with the IT department regarding the best practices needed to evaluate and test a possible new regime. Also, staff members from other departments should also be consulted. After all, the entire organization might be impacted by the new email marketing system, which means that a “simple” technology decision suddenly becomes far more complicated.

Once a chosen technology is implemented, the entire organization needs to learn how to use it properly. In short, the proper adoption of technology solutions should be a part of every employee’s job description. Adopting this mentality starts with the CEO and ends with the summer intern. Technology shouldn’t simply be a functional skill within an organization; it should be a required tool that is used to support, enhance, and promote organizational culture and business success.

The Bottom Line: IT Security Begins With The Each Employee
In the digital age where hackers loom ever-present, IT departments need to remain active interdepartmental consultants. Whether it is advising on the correct email marketing system or teaching all employees how to leverage existing technological solutions properly, IT departments must help to resolve the all too prevalent issue of organizational structure. For customized insights into improving your organization’s IT infrastructure, contact {company} located in {city} via {email} or {phone}.

Tim Haner

Tim Haner

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