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The Importance of Encryption to Your Business’ Security

While it may not be explicitly required as part of your industry’s best practices, your business needs to have encryption technology as part of your IT security measures. It’s the most effective form of data security, and yet it’s woefully underutilized.

Encryption is a process that makes data unreadable to anyone who accesses it without authorization. Any data run through an encryption program is scrambled into a complex code (also known as cipher text) that is virtually unbreakable by even the most advanced computers. The only way to read an encrypted file is if you have the cipher key or password.

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Why is encryption is such an important part of your business’ security?

  • Even if a hacker were able to get their hands on your files, without the password or cipher key the information they have is utterly useless to them. They can’t profit from data no one can read.
  • Leaving data unencrypted on your network is the cyber security equivalent of leaving your doors unlocked. It’s an open invitation to cybercriminals.
  • The financial damage resulting from the theft of your clients’ sensitive information can potentially bankrupt your business.

There are a number of great options available to incorporate encryption into your business’ devices and network. The simplest option for Windows users is BitLocker, which once enabled will fully encrypt your PC or laptop’s hard drive without causing any inconvenience to the device’s user. For Mac users, File Vault software is built directly into the Mac OS.

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Tim Haner

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