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We’re All Moved In!

The Alltek Holdings’ team has recently made the move to a new location. Now that we’re all settled in, we wanted to make sure you know where you can find us going forward. Our gorgeous new space is located at 1925 Highway 74 N., Tyrone, GA 30290. The rest of our contact information has stayed the same, but be sure to use our new mailing address when needed. We’d hate for anything important to fail to reach us.

Feel free to stop in and say hello. We’d love to show you around our new digs!

Tim Haner

Tim Haner

Having a reliable and enthusiastic partner in the realm of IT services and solutions is essential for achieving long-term growth using proven technological strategies. Tim, our CEO, is fully dedicated to supporting clients in optimizing their technology to gain a competitive edge in their industries. At Alltek, Tim Haner heads a team of committed professionals who are laser-focused on providing exceptional IT services and solutions. With his extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, Tim guarantees that clients receive unparalleled support and guidance for their IT projects. Count on Alltek to elevate your business systems and stay ahead in today's highly competitive business landscape.